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Consumers and brands both win with Jumia Advertising Services

Although online sellers are conscious of how marketing efforts can boost sales and awareness of their products, their campaigns are rarely tailored toward e-commerce audiences. This disconnect can make it difficult for sellers to have their products and brands resonate with consumers, leading to underperformance in the marketplace.

Our in-house solution

At Jumia, we developed a new advertising service to provide greater accuracy and returns on investment for our partners’ marketing activities. Primarily, our advertising service assists sellers to target more e-commerce users, particularly those already purchasing from Jumia.

Our model works directly with sellers or their advertising agencies. Our team builds on a partner’s insights into their business and objectives for their products. It creates a customized campaign, produce a data-driven strategy to increase their online awareness This builds their online brand equity and drive sales. All this is achieved thanks to 360 campaigns covering online and offline channels. This strategy is consistently refined through an ongoing conversation coupled with monthly reporting.

The performance so far

Since the inception of Jumia Advertising Services, our team has assisted nearly 400 partners to target their intended audiences. Brands enjoying this service include CocaCola, Samsung, Hewlett Packard, MTN, Dettol, Nokia, Pringles, Kelloggs, Indomie, Colgate, and more.

A comprehensive example is the 2020 partnership with Reckitt Benckiser during which we managed to grow the sales on our platform by 400% in one year. This multiplied Reckitt's initial customer base by a factor of seven within the first quarter.

To achieve this growth, we devised a strategy addressing each step of the marketing funnel and held brand-focused online events to drive special attention to their products. One of these brand day events in Egypt enabled Reckitt to achieve 20 times their average daily sales on our platform in just one day.

Jumia Advertising Services - our customized approach stands for brand success

  • We take an omnichannel approach, covering both online and offline avenues. These include web banners, push notifications in our app, email newsletters, branding of our warehouses, fleets, driver uniforms, flyers in parcels, billboards, broadcast media, and more.

  • We can run campaigns informed by customer behavior, combining automation with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software and other technologies for more precise targeting.

  • Jumia Advertising also offers pre-organized visibility packages that simplify the advertising process for partners looking to utilize our baseline service.

  • Our service can include special one-off events, Super Brand days, competitions, and other activities that amplify engagement and accelerate new consumer acquisition. These events are strategically scheduled and promoted using teasers for maximum participation.

At Jumia, we remain dedicated to helping sellers grow their businesses while also improving the customer’s experience. Jumia Advertising will ensure that our partners acquire new customers and increase sales while presenting customers with relevant offers in a non-intrusive manner.


Ghita Diouri Head of Monetization, Growth & Partnership at Jumia Advertising Services

Ghita has been with Jumia for 6 years, working on marketing and transversal topics such as Jumia's campaign management, onsite merchandising, and participated in building Jumia's first brand book. She has constantly kept a "partners" dimension in her work: from building customized shop-in-shop for our partners, to launching the first super brand days. Ghita also contributed to the communication for the IPO to our ecosystem of sellers, consumers, and teams.

Today, she’s in charge of developing our advertising offering and performance for our strategic brand partners, mainly by developing our on-platform/off-platform towards the needs of our partners and later by supporting the creation of our automated products (self-service platform).

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