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Supporting local SMEs in Egypt through the Jumia ecosystem

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

E-Commerce marketplaces excel at linking sellers to online consumers yet not every seller achieves stellar results on these platforms. Notably, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) often struggle to make their offers visible since their brands aren't backed by large marketing budgets.

Often, local SMEs lack the resources and expertise required to fulfill orders consistently without compromising the consumer experience as order volumes rise. As part of Jumia’s commitment to support local SMEs, our team set out to develop comprehensive solutions to these major e-commerce challenges.

Seller orientation and complementary support


Our team started from the ground-up by getting sellers acquainted with our platform whilst educating them on what makes a successful e-commerce seller. We showed them how to properly present their products using appealing content like multi-angle images that strengthen their brands online, for example.

We also introduced them to an array of digital marketing tools and opportunities. This effort was complemented by training for SMEs where we unpacked events like Jumia Black Friday and the impact of the online and offline campaigns supporting them, amongst other strategies.

Jumia’s presentation also included the importance of instilling a sense of urgency into product offers through a new flash sale page and weekly campaigns, while encouraging consumer flexibility through techniques like seller vouchers. Our commercial team offered guidance to sellers on how to arrive at the right price when creating special offers.

We also collaborate with sellers to create competitive offers, enabling them to position offers more strategically and utilize retargeting from Jumia Advertising Services. This means that sellers can improve their customer acquisition tactics by factoring in seasonal and continuous consumer patterns thanks to our platform's suite of data-driven capabilities.

Our team created promotions through the Jumia seller online platform and communicated with sellers on how to add high-quality deals into the campaign's main event. We took an omnichannel approach, communicating through phone calls, Facebook and Telegram seller groups, online webinars, and more.

Hala Amin from Snooze

Our events enable us to keep in touch with any potential challenges that small and medium sellers face, such as managing stock levels, transporting products to our hubs, maintaining working capital, etc.

The performance so far

With regards to competitive offers and year-round marketing initiatives, we had up to 8,000 deals included in the extra discounts upon checkout page. Additionally, we executed thousands of flash sales during the Jumia Black Friday event, showing just how eager sellers were to apply new methods to attract consumers and make sales.

Mid-tail sellers made up to three times their average monthly revenue during occasional events like Jumia Black Friday. Sellers also used over 700 cards on the Jumia app's news feed page to make their offers more visible.


“I did not expect our sales during 2021 Black Friday, as my sales target was exceeded by two or more times, and this was never going to be like this without the support and follow-up from Jumia Team,” says Ahmed from AJ Market, Health and beauty shop.

Nesma from Chertex, a fashion shop added that “We achieved a great sales volume as it increased three times the expected target. I would like to thank the Jumia Team, who were very helpful.”

Our team has also devised an effective system of comparing pre-event consumer activity with in-event activity to understand what makes a deal resonate with the audience and why its popularity may fluctuate over time. Consequently, our marketing activities always reflect the latest changes in consumer preferences.

How local SMEs benefit

  • Local SMEs can gain more insight into online consumer behavior since our team explains how promotional events like Jumia Black Friday work and their impact. Eventually, these sellers can create competitive deals without spending too much on research and analysis.

  • Our team also monitors the pace at which orders are being fulfilled as purchasing activity starts to ramp up and is always on standby and ready to assist overwhelmed sellers. This help includes packaging, labeling, and transporting items to our distribution hubs.

  • Local sellers also get unprecedented visibility for their deals during the event's build-up via multiple online and offline channels as our team puts out teasers. They even benefit from near real-time assessment of deal performance such that deals that suddenly drive significant sales during the event get more exposure as the event continues.

  • Beyond the much-needed exposure, local SMEs can also access a range of advertising-related services that combine data analytics and consumer psychology approaches. This means that sellers can do more than get their offers seen by many people.

  • They can ensure offers are seen by those most likely to buy or previous buyers and are presented in a manner that nudges consumers to engage with them. Be it user-generated content on bestsellers, gamification and urgency, sellers will be confident that besides the discount, many other deal attributes will draw people in.

All-in-all, we intend to continue developing new ways to support local SMEs aside from pricing-related methods. Our team diligently collects pertinent data points and maintains open communication with sellers throughout the year.

Mohamed Barakat from Caesar

We trust that these efforts will keep us enlightened on any new or prevailing challenges that local SMEs are facing online and offline, and we are always ready to help when needed.


Ahmed Monged

Head of Seller Management - Jumia Egypt

Ahmed has worked with Jumia Egypt for the past six years. His primary role involves growing the seller base and helping them to have a smooth and successful experience within our ecosystem.

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