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Mirror mirror on Jumia, is this lipstick the best color for me?

Imagine your wedding is coming up in two weeks. Your sister, who had promised to buy just the right makeup and lipstick for you and your bridesmaids has delivered the package, but you realize, with consternation, that the shades and colors are all wrong! What would you do? Cancel the wedding?

After many focus groups with consumers and thanks to our partnership with L'Óreal, Jumia now offers an easy and more convenient way of solving such problems.

The L'Óreal-Modiface Virtual Try-On Makeup on Jumia app gives consumers the freedom to try on designer makeup in real-time on their smartphones, just by clicking on the try-on button. This feature gives the consumer a video mode and a photo upload option, and you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Regardless of the mode, you select, the technology allows you to try out different virtual makeup shades and colors. The experience is so seamless it is almost as if you are actually doing it in real life in a store with the added advantage of doing it in the comfort of your home or office and at your convenience.

Apart from your smartphone, the only thing you need is a good internet connection, especially when using the Live Mode. Once you have settled on what you like, a purchase is easy with the click of a button.

This technology is based on an innovation that allows consumers to use their phone cameras or upload a photo onto the L'Óreal-Modiface Virtual Try-On Makeup link. In essence, it is like an online mirror that has digitized the traditional offline way of buying beauty products. By following the simple steps, consumers can choose from a range of about 2,500 L'Óreal beauty products, be it foundation, eyeliner, hair color, nail polish, makeup, lipstick, or any other beauty product one can think of.

Why you should try it today

The beauty of this feature is it gives you the freedom to try out new make-up at your own time and place before buying it. Even more interesting is that the system does not store customer data, so your privacy is guaranteed.

To get an accurate makeup match with your skin tone, please remember to remove makeup while using the camera Live Mode option.

If you are making your selection remotely with your beautician, you can send a photo of your face and the expert can use the photo option to select what suits you best, freeing you to continue with the rest of your Jumia shopping experience. Once they advise on what you should buy, then you can click on the payment button. With the photo option, you can even use a photo of someone else with the same skin tone as yours. It is all up to you to decide.

We launched the L'Óreal-Modiface Virtual Try-On Makeup option on Jumia app on November 5, 2020, just days before Black Friday. Since then more than 30,000 consumers in Egypt alone have used it and a majority of them preferred the live option. Close to half of these consumers actually tried it on the Jumia app itself while still shopping for other products. In Morocco, about 22,000 consumers have tried out the various products on offer. Kenyans are racing to catch up. So far, 7,000 people in Kenya have tried it out.

The most popular products

Generally, across Africa, two product ranges have emerged as clear favourites; the Maybelline NY Matte and poreless foundation collection, found at Maybelline New York Fit Me Matte And Poreless Foundation, and the Maybelline NY Matte Ink liquid lipstick collection, which can be accessed via Maybelline New York Superstay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick. Consumers looking for hair products can also try out L’Oreal Paris and Garnier.

By using this feature, you can see the latest trends in beauty products and have the latitude to experiment digitally, before you make a purchase.

This partnership with L’Oreal makes Jumia the first e-commerce platform in Africa to use Augmented Reality (AR) to make the shopping experience exciting and fun for consumers.

We also discovered that since we introduced this game-changing feature, consumers are spending more time on Jumia, a clear indication that this kind of innovation that adds experiential value is something they like. The fact that this partnership brings together two trusted brands; Jumia and L’Oreal further cements that value for our consumers.

This is great feedback and inspires us to find many more innovations that will make consumers happy, do more on Jumia and add zing to their shopping experience.


Anthony Doutte Product Owner - Front End Anthony Doutte joined Jumia in 2012. He started as a graphic designer for Jumia Morocco, then moved to Onsite and campaign management in Egypt. He is now a Product Owner. Anthony enjoys developing features that enhance users’ experience on Jumia and is naturally a self-starter, driven and has a keen interest in design and new technologies.

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