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Helping small businesses grow with influencer marketing

Influence is everywhere. At this point, we’ve all likely had the experience of buying a jacket we saw our favorite actress wear in a movie or purchasing a watch advertised by someone we follow on Instagram.

Indeed, influencer marketing is a thriving business model. What started as a revenue stream for superstars and celebrities with millions of followers on social media has now shifted to include micro-influencers, with small but loyal followers. These users produce marketed content and have a more personal relationship with their audience.

Small businesses are late adopters of the influencer model. Many of these companies lack the funds or social media savvy to create the necessary relationships for brand partnerships. Further, the biggest celebrities and influencers have ’followers' who have varied interests, meaning even paying huge amounts for promotion may only lead to a fraction of followers responding to the ad.

On the other hand, micro-influencers know their niche. More importantly, they know their following, and they primarily post content that resonates with their target audience. Because of this, the audience of a micro-influencer trusts their recommendations, making them perfect for a small business trying to reach a specific audience.

To help brands and small businesses on the Jumia platform harness the benefits of micro influencing, we are rolling out a new flagship program called the Jumia Creators’ Network, kicking off in Nigeria, Egypt, Kenya and Tunisia.

How does the Jumia Creators’ Network work?

We are targeting content creators, bloggers, vloggers, video creators, and product reviewers to build relationships and grow their careers as influencers through the platform. Content creators can share what they love while gaining access to perks such as exclusive discount codes and opportunities to work with a variety of brands.

Often, advertising agencies and brand managers target celebrities or influencers with significant followers, believing that a large following equals more eyeballs. However, Jumia believes great content is not synonymous with a large following. With as little as 5000 followers, you can be a part of the network and begin promoting any of the numerous brands and products on Jumia.

The creator's network will introduce our influencers to an extensive network of brands and products, ranging from beauty, groceries, fashion, gaming, electronics, and more. Influencers will have the freedom to promote as many products as they wish.

Sounds interesting to you? To join the Jumia Creators’ Network, sign up and follow the registration procedure. We will review your application and contact you with a confirmation email if your application is successful. Not an influencer but have a business? Small businesses can also benefit from this powerful marketing strategy in several ways.

How small businesses benefit

For small businesses on Jumia with a modest budget, macro influencing and other forms of traditional advertising may be out of their budget, and therefore, out of reach. Through the Creators’ Network, their products can get to their target audience without a hefty ad spend, generating new opportunities to engage with consumers on the Jumia platform and continue to grow their business.

Although a relatively new digital medium, the impact of influencer marketing has already proven to be significant, and will only continue to increase. Jumia’s network will connect those engaging within the same niche markets, thereby growing communities and activating markets to serve a diverse range of customers, whilst continuing to support sellers across the platform.


Hadeer AbdelHameed

Regional Head of KOL and Social Media at Jumia

Hadeer joined Jumia Egypt as a Social Media manager in 2014. She now leads influencers, social media and affiliate activities for Jumia Group. She and her team are working on scaling the Influencer scene in Africa with simple business models and advanced technology to make earning and exposure easier.

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